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Gathered here are a variety of documents available for free download ranging from political indictments to policy positions to behind-the-government-scenes information that have been discussed and revealed on Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello.

Criminal Complaint Against Kyle Rittenhouse

These are the official charges filed against 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse who shot three people in Kenosha Wisconsin, killing two and injuring one. Defenders of Rittenhouse, including Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson, have declared that Rittenhouse acted in self defense. Read the document and decide for yourself.

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New Jersey Nursing Home Policy Directive

Here is the directive from the NJ Governor Phil Murphy administration ordering NJ hospitals to increase capacity by sending senior citizen patients to state nursing homes even if those seniors had the Covid-19 virus. The result of this policy, which mirrored NY's (that directive can also be seen here), resulted in NJ having the highest rate of Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes and veterans centers in the nation. The nursing homes have nothing to worry about because within a less than a two week span the Murphy Administration and NJ state legislature granted the industry which is 74% privately owned and major political campaign contributors expanded immunity from legal action. What have these same NJ politicians done for the senior residents, veterans and the families of those who died because of Covid-19 over the past four months? Lied to them.

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Coronavirus Task Force State Report

This is the report prepared for the White House Coronavirus Task Force which details Covid-19 statistics for each state and designates the hot spots. This report was intended for internal government use only and was not to be released to the public. Thanks to the Center For Public Integrity, the report is now available to the public.

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Personnel Files Of Four Minneapolis Former Cops

There are people who are saying that we need to learn the truth about the four now former Minneapolis cops involved in the murder of George Floyd. If that's the case then here are the personnel files of the four.

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Owen Hart Death Police Investigation

In 1999 during a live pay-per-view WWE pro-wrestler Owen Hart fell 100 feet to his death after a cable rigging which was supposed to lower him to the ring failed. These are the documents from the police investigation into this tragedy recently revisited on the TV show Dark Side Of The Ring

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NJ Priest Suing NJ Governor

Father Kevin Robinson is suing NJ Governor Phil Murphy for his deeming religious ceremonies to be non-essential during the state's Covid-19 shutdown. Read the legal complaint to learn the basis for this suit and what the priest had been subjected to.

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Rick Bright Whistleblower Complaint

Rick Bright, the former director of the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), filed a whistleblower complaint saying that the Trump Administration and HHS failed to take proper action during the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak. Read the filing here with the details starting on page 27.

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Planned Parenthood 2018-2019 Annual Report

The most recent annual report from Planned Parenthood reveals details about the services they provide women. Do they perform more breast care exams, adoption referrals or abortions? Read the details here.

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Covid-19 Concern Emails

Starting in late January medical experts including the Surgeon General along with medical experts with HHS, CDC, Department Of Defense and Department Of Homeland Security took part in email conversations regarding the coronavirus. Those conversations featured growing concerns about the potential impact of the virus. Here are those emails.

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WWE Monday Night RAW Script

A deep inside look into pro wrestling with the script for the September 1, 2014 episode of the WWE's Monday Night RAW TV show. You may be surprised just how much of what you see is actually planned and scripted.

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Nancy Pelosi's Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

While the Senate worked toward agreement on a stimulus bill which would put money in the pockets of citizens and businesses, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fronted a stimulus bill which would fund Planned Parenthood, create subsidies for windmills, create tougher emission standards for airplanes and more "dire needs" created by the spread of Covid-19

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Man And Woman By Bernie Sanders

Back in 1972 Bernie Sanders wrote an article promoting the idea that men fantasize about kinky sex and women fantasize about rape. Supporters of Sanders claim the article never existed. You can see for yourself here. It's not a transcript of the 1972 article. It's the actual article.

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House Impeachment Resolution

The claim is that the Trump impeachment inquiry procedure is fair and equal. Read the resolution for yourself to see if that's true.

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Whistleblower Complaint

A whistleblower believed to be a CIA/NSC insider says that President Trump's actions are reason for investigation. Would this claim and document be accepted in a court of law? Read it here.

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President Trump's Ukraine Call

The claim is that President Trump in a phone call to the Ukraine President strong armed him to investigate Joe Biden. Read the transcript and decide for yourself.

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Elizabeth Warren's American Indian Application

Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has apologized for her "mistake" of claiming she was an American Indian on her 1986 registration for the Texas Bar. Here's that application.

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CBO Minimum Wage Report

While a hike in the minimum wage to $15 dollars sounds great, according to a CBO report it comes with an impact on jobs and income.

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Border Wall Funding Court Ruling

A judge ruled that the court has no standing regarding President Trump's plan to shift federal funds to an expansion of the southern border wall. Here's that judge's ruling

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NJ's Immigrant Trust Directive

The following is a directive issued by NJ's Attorney General creating limitations on how local law enforcement can deal with illegal immigrants.

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Santa Monica College Free Speech Policies

Santa Monica College has rules on when students can exercise their First Amendment rights and the designated places they can do it. See the policy for yourself.

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The Mueller Report

Here is the redacted Mueller Report on the 2016 Presidential election. You might as well read the report which cost $30 million of taxpayer funds to create. Technically, you paid for it.

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AG Barr's Summary Of The Mueller Report

This is the four page summary of the 600+ day $25 million Mueller investigation by Attorney General Barr which declared no collusion with Russia and insufficient evidence for obstruction of justice.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal

Here are the talking points from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal which includes an end to air travel, the replacement of all buildings, no more coal or nuclear power and the claim that 64% of Republicans support this plan.

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Rachel Mitchell's Memo On Christine Blasey Ford's Testimony

This is the report submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee by the attorney who asked Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford questions during the hearing on Ford's allegations with her conclusion that as a legal case there's nothing to bring charges with.

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Report On Sexual Assaults By Pedophile Catholic Priests In Pennsylvania

Here's the report, with unfortunately redactions, on the decades of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Pennslvania Churches. The report includes 301 priests and an estimate that they raped over a thousand children. How rampant were these acts of abuse? The report is 1,356 pages. About 1,000 of those pages was needed to detail the actions of these priests.

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The Strzok-Page FBI Texts

You've seen just a few of the texts between the two FBI love birds. Here they all are. Now you'll understand why Strzok was escorted out of FBI HQ

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Holocaust Awareness Today

A survey sought to measure today's awareness and understanding of the Holocaust. Here are the sad and disturbing results.

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