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Lanny Davis: 2016 Election & FBI
Marie Blistan: Union Dues
Anson Williams: Drowsy Driving
Gregg Murset: Kids' Allowances
Melissa Francis: Today's News
Dr. Alex Crosby: Suicide Signs
James Florio: Time As NJ Gov.
Michael Saltsman: $15 Minimum Wage
Jon Meacham: Presidential Crisis
Mjr. Scott Huesing: Serving In Iraq
Nancy Grace: Personal Loss

What Guests Say

People they find out where to find answers through Issues & Ideas and you're doing an awesome job helping to change the world for the better. Keep it up, Chris. I appreciate you. Gov. Sarah Palin

"It's nice to speak with someone in the media with an open mind that will look at actual facts instead of with an agenda to perpetrate the government's case." Jesse Ventura

"We all appreciate the way you do your homework, understand the issue and help get the word out." Jamie Bernard, Domestic Assault And Intervention Services, Sussex County NJ

"I really enjoyed being on your show. It's always nice to do a show when the host reads the book, asks great questions and has a passion for the past." Historian And Author Patrick O'Donnell

"If it wasn't for people in radio like Chris DeBello, we'd be nothing." Rowdy Roddy Piper, Pro Wrestling Legend

"I appreciate the opportunity to be on your show. Every time we think that people do not care at home, we see folks like you helping us get the word out." LTC Steve Russell, Vets For Victory

"You've got to say what's on your mind. Just like you do. You're famous for saying what's on your mind and you do it. You're one of the good guys because you're not afraid to tell the truth." Morton Downey Jr., Talk Show Pioneer

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Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello is a weekly one hour market exclusive public affairs newsmagazine program that offers your radio station an economical way to exceed all FCC regulations regarding public affairs requirements. Instead of simply filler, Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello is the public affairs program the public will want to listen to.

Issues And Ideas is your affordable insurance policy against FCC public affairs rules violations and costly fines.

Each edition of Issues And Ideas features politicians, organization leaders, authors, journalists and celebrities who are recognized well known experts and pundits who are seen, heard and read on cable and network newscasts, talk shows and other national or regional media. Rather than generic talk with little significance, the discussions on Issues And Ideas look at developing and current news, policies and events with expert knowledge and insight. Each weekly program presents content and discussions that are timely and relevant. Your listeners will gain a greater awareness of matters which directly impact and interest them.

Unlike other public affairs shows, Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello addresses multiple topics with different guests each week. Rather than a small number of go to experts, Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello presents a larger variety of guests which brings a wider span of ideas and insight to your listeners. This also makes Issues And Ideas a program that has a broad demographic appeal which will fit in with any format.

Chris DeBello, host and Executive Producer of Issues And Ideas, has over twenty years experience in radio, including overseeing that four radio stations complied with all FCC regulations regarding public affairs. This knowledge becomes your safety net against any possible costly FCC violation.

You obviously care about the quality and impression that your various dayparts present to your listeners. Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello gives you the opportunity to show that same care and attention with your public affairs programming by airing a program that your listeners will want to listen to and tell others about.

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Each edition of Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello features important topics that inform and educate your listeners.

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