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Featured here are recent segments from Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello for you to listen to. You'll get a clear idea of how the show sounds, the way that guests are given an uninterrupted opportunity to share their knowledge and how Chris engages and interacts with each guest which results in more detailed informative discussions for the listener.

Recent Issues & Ideas Segments

A report on how legal marijuana will become available in NJ

Recent events from the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Survivor champion Ethan Zohn talks about his battle with cancer and myths about medical marijuana

History Professor Julian Zelizer examines the Presidency of Donald Trump

A look at the U.S. Senate campaign of Herschel Walker

Russian History Professor Bradley Woodworth talks about how Putin twists Russian history for his benefit

Chris DeBello shows how the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus was foretold in the Old Testament

A review of the latest statistics about bias incidents in NJ

Paul Oster explains financial decisions people who have student loan and utility debt should be making

An examination of Donald Trump's social media platform Truth

Holocaust survivor Karmela Waldman reacts to the use of the term Nazi for political debate purposes

Jordan Holmes looks at the conspiracies launched by Alex Jones which have been embraced by Ginni Thomas

Dr. Diego Hijano offers insight into Covid-19 vaccines and young children

JoAnn Gemenden shares details about the ban of plastic shopping bags in NJ which starts May 4

David Williams looks at the state of service and technology at the IRS

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