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Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello is a weekly newsmagazine program which brings newsmakers, politicial leaders and heads of organizations to radio listeners across the United States. These timely discussions offer insight into the issues and events that Americans want to gain a better understanding of.

Coming Up On August 14

The EPA declaring 23 cities/towns in New Jersey, Texas and elsewhere to have a high cancer risk from industrial production will be examined.

Why the Inflation Reduction Act won't help NJ residents with their property taxes will be explained.

Dr. Deborah Pasik, Founder of NJ Death With Dignity, will discuss why she feels the NJ Medical Aid In Dying For The Terminally Ill Act needs to be amended regarding access and residency.

Former FBI Agent Kenneth Gray, now a Senior Lecturer at the Henry C. Lee College Of Criminal Justice at the University Of New Haven, will give insight into how the FBI operates and the rules they fall under when executing a search warrant like what took place at Mar-A-Lago.

A review and analysis of the reactions by politicians, the cable news media and Trump supporters online will be presented.

Chris DeBello will show from the Bible how God and His Word are eternal.

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The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon

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The return of Don Imus to WNBC in 1979

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